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Ringimiz SOKAK Minderimiz ASFALT Hakemimiz İNSAF


We are an organization called Krav Maga Intensive Defense Academy (KIDA) that teaches how to fend off human-made armed and unarmed dangers Quickly and Easily. 
We are the Turkey Representative of Combat Krav Maga International (CKMI), an Israeli melee school. 
We teach self-defense to women, children, advanced age, physically or culturally disadvantaged groups and individuals who feel in danger, and provide information to stay safe. 
We use CKMI techniques in our trainings and add Turkish realities to them with the help of our expert trainers*.
In this way, we provide the most appropriate education to the individual who feels himself in danger, taking into account his body characteristics, physical condition, ability and gender.
*Our trainers have a first aid certificate; and is experienced in street fighting.

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