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KIDA  (Krav Maga Intensive Defense Academy)

It is an organization that teaches how to easily fend off human-made hazards. 

KIDA teaches women, children, physically or culturally disadvantaged groups and people who feel in danger, self-defense tactics and helps them stay safe. 

KIDA uses the techniques developed by Combat Krav Maga International and, together with its expert trainers , fuses them with the realities of Turkey. 

KIDA provides the most appropriate training to people who feel in danger, taking into account their body characteristics, abilities and gender.


Enis Mazhar Tayman 

He graduated from Yıldız University, Department of Geophysical Engineering. In 1992, he gave up his engineering career and started journalism, which was his youth's dream.  He worked in various positions in Yeni Binyıl, Tempo, Belge, Radikal and Hürriyet newspapers. Throughout his active journalism career, he wrote numerous news stories defending the rights of disadvantaged individuals and groups. He was found in conflict areas such as Iraq and Syria. He worked as a journalist in all conflict regions and environments in Turkey. He was tried 8 times for his news; None of his cases resulted in convictions. Tayman has a Permanent Press Card.

Enis Mazhar Tayman met Krav Maga, the world's most effective melee style, in 2007. In 2016, he received a trainer certificate from the Israeli-based Combat Krav Maga International, an international melee school.

During his Krav Maga trainer, Tayman worked not only on fighting but also on safe living methods; did research on this. Analyzing the many dangers experienced on the streets of Turkey, he produced realistic defenses and applied them in the institutions and organizations he trained.

Tayman is also studying at Anadolu University Emergency and Disaster Management Associate Degree Program. 

Enis Mazhar Tayman, who is a Usui Reiki Instructor and has EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) knowledge, is a certified first aider.

Tayman has two published novels called Bin Hole House and Luck.

Enis Mazhar Tayman, who joined the Istanbul Autism Association in 2018, is also the president of the Krav Maga Advanced Defense Research Association, which supports disadvantaged individuals and groups.  

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