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They always ask, Does Krav Maga beat the boxer? Who will win if Krav Maga player meets MMA player? What happens if Ninja meets Krav Maga? 

There is a saying among tankers in the military... Who wins when two soldiers meet on the battlefield? Answer: The one in the tank.

However, this may not be the right question to ask in street fights...

In the boxing ring, and with the boxing rules, of course the boxer wins. In the cage, with MMA rules, the MMA fighter is highly likely to win. What about on the street?

Above all, a law-abiding and civilized citizen would/should not be involved in street fights. But sometimes things can get messy and our law-abiding citizen can be attacked. The attacker may attack for reasons such as robbery, sexual violence, information request, traffic accident, not giving way. Sometimes, he may attack by saying "what are you messing with". Sometimes he may even attack just for pleasure. Because that is the street and it is like an equation with many, many unknowns. Of course, every attacker may have one or more reasons he trusts the moment he decides to attack. He may be bigger than you, he may have a gun, he may be a gang member, he may be under the influence of drugs. That's why the dynamics of the attack on the street are very different from the match of two opponents who meet one on one for a sporting purpose and are equally structured even in terms of weight.

Then, if we are attacked in the street, or if we have such a risk, we must first abandon ideas such as winning a fight against the attacker or scoring hits. Because the attacks we suffer on the street are not about defeating your opponent, but about surviving. It's about ditching the confrontation with minimal physical/legal/financial damage.

Your options may include running away, giving your money, or punching and biting the attacker in the throat, or staying in jail for days off by hammering a brick on his head.

Now let's ask one more question... As you know, we are all in the martial realm... 

Who has the best chance of surviving a knife attack? Let's give the answer: Those who are ready... 

So who has the best chance of surviving an unexpected punch? Or in a robbery, sexual assault or kidnapping attempt that could end badly... Yes, the answer is still the same: those who are ready for it...


So is there any way we can be ready for this? Most don't, because an attacker doesn't say, "Now I'm coming and attacking you." But of course there are ways to increase our alertness; There are also ways to counter attacks and eliminate the attacker. Krav Maga teaches you ways to both increase vigilance and fend off attackers. From this point of view, we advise those who want to defend themselves or survive on the street in Krav Maga to focus on surviving violent attacks instead of winning street fights while training combat.

However, Krav Maga isn't the only way to be prepared for an attack. Many respected martial arts instructors work on this every day and train people to defend themselves. Therefore, no matter what reputable combat training you are getting, and of course, if you are not a competitive athlete, ask your trainers to teach you something not to score but to survive, and leave by immediately thanking those who do not provide this. 

So let's end with a final question that clearly describes our melee vision... 


Who can survive a street attack the easiest and with 100 percent health without taking any damage? 


The answer is below:) 

nayamlo adarO

      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b3b-136bad  _cc781905-5cde-3194- ccde-3194cf13631365c5cf3b31994cbdc13653155cf -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ KRAV MAGA FOR WOMEN


According to the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, 474 women were killed in Turkey in 2019. 

According to statistics, one out of every three women experiences violence at home. Although these figures make women feel that violence has become commonplace, KIDA-KM CLUB does not accept the ordinaryization of this violence environment. Trains its members to defend themselves in the face of violence.

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​In 2018, 1217 child abuses were reported in the press, 26 children were killed. Unfortunately, statistics on violence against children lack reliable data. For this reason, KIDA-KM CLUB acts with the awareness that abuse and violence also affect children. For this purpose, KIDA-KM CLUB researches, develops and teaches children's self-defense tactics  

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There is no age limit to learn Krav Maga. Anyone, regardless of gender, can use Krav Maga techniques to defend themselves at any age. KIDA-KM CLUB teaches its members special defense tactics for all ages. 

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The rules of fighting on the mat or in the ring are clear. However, there are no rules on the street. KIDA-KM CLUB shows real-life street scenarios to its members and teaches the tactics of protection against these, again by making use of everyday objects.  

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